Keep roadblocks to success in the forefront as a strategy for change.

You might be thinking to yourself. “That’s an interesting topic. Why should I focus on the problem?” Well, the truth is you should. A great business leader not only knows the roadblocks to achieve the greatest success in business but that leader also knows what drives the greatest results. It’s nothing different than our days in grade school when we learned the complexities of mathematics. Think about it!… If mathematics wasn’t your favorite subject then you may not want to think about it but let’s go there for just a moment.

When we learned mathematics the teacher always presented a “problem”, then asked for a “solution”. A great math teacher would teach us how to use what we already knew about math concepts to understand the problem and then work through it to find the solution. In other words, in order to find the solution you had to dissect the problem. And, getting to the RIGHT solution depended on your existing math skills. Said another way and in context with the topic, in order to implement change you must not only identify the roadblocks (the problem) to success but you must also keep those roadblocks in the forefront of decision-making to be used as a guide to navigate toward the best solution.

The reality is some problems are more challenging than others and require more time to implement, and may even require multiple steps. While finding the solution to what may be an age-old problem in your organization does start with company leadership, don’t forget to bring key team members to the table. Because again, getting to the right solution depends on the skills you or your team members already have in place.

written by Chanel Fort, The Learning Strategist

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