Outsourcing Learning & Development builds capacity in the organization…

The 21st Century is known as the “Digital Era”. Our nation has absorbed advanced technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality and has incorporated these practices into all industries; including Learning & Development (L&D), also known as Training & Development (T&D). It’s these rapid-shifts in technology advances that leave organizations with the challenge of deciding how robust the company’s training strategy should be.

“The global spend for training is $362.2 billion dollars with $161.1 billion spent in North America. It’s an organization’s largest budget item – because of this companies are constantly re-evaluating how they spend their training dollars.”

The truth is, companies need a solution that will minimize and better manage their training strategy and budget to the company’s size in scale, and they need a solution to reduce the number of re-evaluations for how they are spending the company’s training dollars.  Further, companies are interested to eliminate the spread of training activities, and its budget, to human resources leaders and other business leaders across the organization.

The solution is OUTSOURCING!


Outsourcing Learning & Development (L&D) offers a company decision-making support that builds capacity by converting fixed costs into variable costs and releasing capital for

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