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About the Business

Fortified Learning Solutions is a Learning & Development (L&D) Outsourcing Firm. We work alongside government agencies, small businesses and corporations, non-profit organizations, higher education entities, and K-12 education systems to design, implement, and coordinate learning and development experiences and workforce initiatives.

We are not a “cookie-cutter” learning and development firm that only serves the immediate training need. We instead focus on the learning and development culture and deliver the most effective methodologies. Our company considers the cost-value equation for learning and uses its expertise to better scale L&D experiences across the organization without reducing quality and level of effectiveness.

We use our internal process, known as the Learning & Development Design Thinking Approach, to design a customized L&D strategy that is best aligned with the strategic direction of the organization.

We are the Outsourced Chief Learning Officer!

Fortified Learning Solutions understands that quality Learning & Development experiences are the foundation for career growth and a stronger workforce. 

We remove the burden of the L&D responsibility from Human Resources professionals and other business leaders.

We improve the organization’s existing management and maintenance of L&D practices.

We provide decision-making support for the organization’s annual L&D plan. 

We create a culture shift in Learning & Development for the organizations we serve. 

We lead organizations toward improved productivity and increased effectiveness in customer/client and vendor relations. 


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